Company Profile

Global Leadership Center was founded on an inspiring and compelling mission of providing excellent global and practical learnings with result based approach.

To make those missions happening, we collaborated with most dedicated learning and consultant companies in the world.

  • Sullivan Transformation Agent:
    Roland Sullivan – Original 100 Change Agent in The World
  • ITD World:
    Dr. Peter Chee – Top 6 Coaching Guru in The World
  • Asia Wide Franchise Consultant:
    Albert Kong – One of the famous franchise consultant in Asia

Our Mission

Providing Global Quality Tool, Practical and Oriented Results for head of the organization who wanted to continue growing by principles Serve Wholeheartedly.

Our Vision

Give positive impact to the world through influencing and developing people.

Our Core Values

In GLC, we believe in always GO BIG!

  • Grateful – We believe that this life is beautiful and abundant because we see everything from the positive side.
  • Ownership – We believe that with high sense of ownership, burning passion, proactive actions, go all in wholeheartedly and always taking measurements, when we can achieve highest performance result.
  • Believe in human potential – We believe that every human being is a creature capable of achieving all his or her dreams because everyone born in this world with a noble goal, which is to have a positive impact on others.
  • Integrity – One of the most fundamental things that determine the quality of a person’s life is integrity. We believe that we have to do our best for what we say, be responsible for whatever results occur, be able to be trusted and have the right attitude.
  • Grow – We believe that to grow we must be outside the comfort zone and be able to receive feedback as a means of evaluation for continue growing.

Our Founders & CEO


Roby Tjiptadjaya

Roby Tjiptadjaya, MM. CCMP is a Top Entrepreneur Coach in Indonesia with more than 20 years experience on retail and franchise industry. He has helped many business owners and organizations in Indonesia to achieve their breakthrough goals. He has built a few businesses and one of those is Global Leadership Center who has collaborated with top famous business coaches and gurus in the world to give positive impact to the world through influencing and developing people.


Tommy Wattimena

Tommy Wattimena is a Brand Evangelist and Big Data Marketing Disciple who has 15 years experiences working in many roles in Unilever in Indonesia, regional and global roles. His Unilever last post was VP Brand Development for Ice Cream Asia Pacific and Kids Global, then following his passion on mobile & digital technology, he joined PT XL Axiata Tbk as SVP, transforming from a traditional telco to mobile data . Currently he is a CEO of Consumer Goods & Digitized Distribution in Sinarmas Group. His leadership style is always visionary with unorthodox methods of combining science and street smart hands-on business approach which is truly transformative in the contemporary era.

Advisor Management

Irham Dilmy

Irham Dilmy

Irham Dilmy is a corporate executive turned consultant, who has over 30 years of experience working in multinational organizations, such as Unilever, ARCO, Coca-Cola, Chiquita Brands as well as at The World Bank in Washington, DC. He became an HR and Executive Search Consultant / Managing Partner of Amrop, a global executive search firm and Country Manager Indonesia for Pedersen and Partners. He taught MBA classes at Binus University Business School. He is currently assisting the Indonesian government in administrative reform by serving as Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Civil Service.

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