GLC OD Certification Program

Organization Development Certified Program

Transformative Learning & Change Program

A Unique Offering

Experience a workshop that combines the power of whole brain based “thinking through processes” and a modality that brings “the whole system” into one room for a faster, deeper, more efficient and sustainable transformation.

Engaging and emporing the whole system is one of the most effective solutions in facing today’s dizzying rate of change. This process transcends all cultures, professional expertise, types of organizations, and contexts.

The Situation

Indonesia is projected to be one of the Asian top economies along with China, India, Japan and South Korea by year 2030. Therefore, Indonesia, along with the rest of the world is going through unimaginable rapid changes. The world in which leaders must operate is volatile and uncertain.

Whether you are a line executive, an OD or HR professional or leader, you may find yourself challenged to meet the demands to be innovative, agile, customer centric and global. In other words, the quality of the transformation is going to be directly related to the ability of leaders and organizations to learn how to become future-ready and create sustainable change.

The Invitation

Most organizations are in a crucible and most individuals find themsleves asked to do more with less in the face of ever more demanding situations. Either they are going to respond effectively and take advantage of new global opportunities or they are going to be left on the wayside.

Individuals, teams, and organizations who develop themselves the fastest will have a competitive edge to enjoy the fruites and happiness of the new age of quickening and transformation.

Whatever got you to your current success will not get you through the shifting age of transformation. It is imperative that you and your organization dramatically change now.

This certificaate will provide you with a modality for effectively managing and leading comple change initiatives.

Program Overview

The purpose of this transformative learning and change experience is to help participants to become more effective in facilitating and leading transformation and change in their organization. This highly interactive workshop with limited number of participants, will help you initiate how you and your organization start to choose to learn how to learn so you will be different. It will be 5 days total.

The community learning environment of limited number of participants will provide an intensive experience of deep interactions and conversations around topics that are important to them and their organizations. The diversity of experience that each participant brings to the circle will provide fresh perspectives to the learning community.

Key Success Factores of this Workshop Offerings:

  • Skill based. OD theories, principles and concepts? Absolutely! You cannot succeed without them. But without OD skills, you are just a smart person, not a facilitator/leader of change.
  • Real-World Cases. This workshop utilizes real change situationos from participants’ worlds, employing a Case Study approach to ensure relevance and application.
  • Experiential. Every element of the workshop is built around an experience, linking concept to reality.
  • Cutting Edge. We will teach you the OD techniques with deeper, advanced dimensions that result in a quantum impact.
  • GLOCAL in Context. GLObal to be credible to and circumspect in the world. This represents the “Institutions System” i.e. organizations inclusive eof all types and different sector. LoCAL to be creative and responsive to the generic and local needs of the country. This represents the “Individual Systems” i.e. OD Leaders and Learners as Individuals. We then establish the connection between these two systems.
  • Immediately Useful. The workshop will equip you to go back and apply what you have learned in your life and in your work.

Why This Workshop is Unique?

One phase of this workshop is based on Whole Brain Literacy. There is an intimate, innate connection between person – the individual with his whole brain functioning and the corporate brain functioning – the organization where  people are at work with those in positions of leadership and management at work in human systems. In the age of information and digital technologies, one’s mindset matters. Change comes in exponential speed where disruptions and innovations challenge the corporate mindset for stability, security, certainty and consistency. The whole brain perspective, paradigm and processes can expand and shift mindsets in creating, connecting, integrating information, ideas, insights and relevant resources to lead and manage change, development and transformation.

Another phase is based on the Sullivan Transformation Agents extensive global scholar practitioner experience in leading change and transformataion. It will provide participants insights in the different theories and practical tools in leading sustainable organization change.

It distills and simplifies the essential theory and practices discovered about organization change over the past 50 years and presents them in a way that can be utilized immediately by participants.

The Whole System Transformation modality transfers easily to any system or situation because of transcendent capability of being useful in any culture, any industry or with any challenge.

In summation, be assured you are not just receiveing theories and listening to lectures. We will engage you in real life practical application for your back home situation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and establish the core competencies in human information processing skill set (HIPSS) relevant in engaging and facilitating “transformative learning & change”.
  • Develop and apply the whole brain thinking tools for:
    • changing/shifting/expanding sets,
    • exploring potential possibilities for thinking differently,
    • mapping, managing and integrating roles and functions in one’s areas of responsibilities in human systems (individual, group and organiztions) as well as in
    • designing an OD change process based on whole brain functioning
  • Define the theoritical underpinnings of WST as a primary mode of employing large scale change
  • Apply models and tools to lead complex change intiatives
  • Prepare, conduct and analyze a real-time assessment of your work environment.
  • Transform any core team of 12 or less.
  • Create and lead a custom made change blueprint that will positively impact your organization regardless of size.
  • Learn how to lead and manage enterprise-wide transformation and change.

The Structure

  • Limited number of people meet for few days, who will engage in dynamic discussions, case study applications, and experiential exercises designed to enhance their understanding of transformation and change initiatives. They will learn effective techniques and systems that facilitate change, and explore the dynamic role of today’s change agent.
  • The sessions would be run in a ‘laboratory’ setting in which we learn about concepts and theory about levels of system, practice using tools and methods, as well as be the system in wwhich we participate and observe.
  • This workshop will provide an initial plan to becoming change catalyst leader either for your entire organization, your division or specifically your team.
  • The limited course size and small group format means you will have lots of close-up time with the facilitators who are masters of the craft.
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